Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alabama Division Reunion June 8, 2013 - Part 3

The Division Reunion business meeting concluded with the reports from the Commander and Lieutenants and the votes on the proposed Amendment and Resolutions.   2nd Lt Carl Jones provided news from the Cadet Muster where despite a disappointing turnout of cadets, over fifty people from the general public attended the event at the Cullman museum including many children.  The annual budget allocation for the educational heritage posters but that emphasises the popularity and it was decided to move up the publication of the posters so that they will be available soon after the start of the school year instead of in the spring.  Lt. Jones concluded saying that when we want to promote our heritage as badly as we want to breathe, we will be unstoppable.

1st Lt Jimmy Hill announced the one joint Division Brigade workshop held thus far with the goal of three this year.  He also encouraged more applications for the Wheeler Scholarship as the only two applicants were awarded the stipend.  Jimmy spoke about the Streights Raid memorial service where the Forrest monument was rededicated at Cedar Bluff AL where despite adverse weather, twenty men of the Mechanized Cavalry attended.  Jimmy also petitioned for submittals for the Division newsletter. 

Commander Carlyle began his speech to the convention by reminding everyone that General Nathan Bedford Forrest had 28 horses shot out from underneath him demonstrating his persistence, fortitude, leadership and bravery.  Forrest recruited all his soldiers and Commander Carlyle reminded us that if we want to ride with Forrest, we need to recruit like him for new SCV members. The Hunley awards were endorsed as a great way to promote the SCV at schools as the JROTC award is held in high esteem by recipients, teachers and administrators.  The educational posters and issues of the Alabama Confederate should be provided to schools to reverse the propaganda.  It is our duty to educate ourselves and the public that the SCV is a virtuous organization whose ideals can help save our society.  The SCV National website forms and documents section provides an SCV graves resource and the Joe Wheeler camp website maintains a list of Alabama Confederate veterans to assist in genealogical research for memberships.

Army of Tennessee Commander Tom Strain presented Amendment changes clarifying committee responsibilities.  Lt. Hill submitted that the 2009 Awards guidelines were never placed in the standing orders so that was rectified.  The Grant Request Guidelines amendment was also put in the standing orders, passing unanimously.  These guidelines specify that the committee must get grant requests 30 days in advance of the EC meeting so the request proposal can be sufficiently investigated as to qualifications and the project planning. Commander Strain also presented the resolution whereby the Alabama Division and the delegates of the convention submitted that the board room at the Confederate Memorial Park library be named after Leonard Wilson and a plaque hung on the wall so proclaiming.  Another resolution was passed honoring Connie Morrie as a long time Alabama Division vendor who will be retiring from this capacity.

The Division EC meeting will be held August 24th at Confederate Memorial Park and the 2014 reunion will be held May 2-3 in Athens.

Commander Gary Carlyle
1st Lt Jimmy Hill

Army Commander Tom Strain

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